Work with me in person! Also maybe meet Lamp The Cat!

I absolutely love meeting and working with students in real life at their home studios! I take two coaching tours every year where I spend at least two weeks on the road offering in-person workshops at as many studios as I can. If you’d like me to come to your studio, complete the following form and I’ll send you my workshop menu. If there’s a workshop that isn’t on my menu, request it! I’m always happy to create something new for you!

Vertical Apparatus Drop Theory intensives

Vertical Apparatus Drop Theory Intensives are four-hour workshops that dissect drops performed on vertical apparatuses like aerial silks, and corde lisse. Multiple intensives are offered in each of the following three tracts: Drop Mechanics, Knot Theory, and Coaching Drop Theory.

Artistry and style workshops

Workshops in this category are two-hours long and teach students how to identify and capitalize on their individual movement patterns, skill preferences, and demeanor to develop a unique, on-apparatus personality. Several of the workshops in this category are Artistry, Act Development, and Unicorn Training (Development Of Personal Style).

Biomechanincs workshops

The two-hour workshops in this category focus on developing in-air proprioception and increasing the effectiveness of students movement pathways. A few of the workshops in this category are Physics Of Spin, Active Flexibility, and Serpentine Movement.

techniques workshops

Techniques workshops are two-hour courses that dissect the technical requirements of performing skills on a variety of apparatuses. A few examples of these workshops are One Million Climbs, Introduction To Aerial Chains, and Lyra Anti-Technique.

Workshop INQUIRY

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