Knowledge explosions in so many forms! Learn every minute detail of aerial technique and physics in my lecture courses! Turn your training completely upside down (rightside up?) by taking my lab courses, or work with me one on one in a private lesson!


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 Learn how to get your trapeze to stop trying to keep your skin, make silks and rope quit gut punching you all the time, and become the angelic blossom of aerial perfection you always were!


Find out what my deal is! Where did I even come from? How impossibly long have I been training this craziness? Why do I think math is so rad??

Course Categories

Join me for brain-melting lecture courses, gun show-worthy lab courses, and private and semi-private lessons are offered in all of these deliciously nerdy categories!


Learn the specific technical elements required to perform skills cleanly and precisely, and how manipulate them at will.

Knot Theory

Study how drops are constructed and learn how different wrap features produce different kinds of drops. 


Understand the fundamental concepts of classical mechanics that govern how aerial acrobatics skills work.      


Work with me one-on-one, in person or to get individualized instruction on your chosen apparatus.  

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trapeze beats
I was recently asked to do an analysis of static trapeze beat […]
I’ve been spreading my nonsense again, this time by cramming as much […]
Hello, friends. I was asked recently by a student why her knees/knee […]

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My name is Charlie and I ADORE ridiculously confusing aerial silks drop sequences, complicated circus math, nasty-hard strength combinations, and needling apart training progressions until they’re so easy a baby could learn them.



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