Correct hand position is important for correct pull up form. It’s also important for not peeling off when your body is somewhere other than directly under the bar.  It looks like this:

IMG_3281 The bar sits firmly in the hand and the thumb and all the fingers wrap completely around it. This hand position is secure regardless of where your weight happens to be, which we’ll talk about more when we get to pull up variations. Now let’s look at a few hand positions that might be less ideal.IMG_3276The Sloth: Your great(8.3*10^4)-grandmother did not slave away developing opposable thumbs just so you could ignore them. Respect your elders, eat your liver, and wrap your thumbs! IMG_3277 Easy E: This hand position is not a good role model. It’s just as insecure as the sloth, but looks a little tougher. IMG_3278 The Dainty Princess: Losing grip and wafting off the bar like a paper-thin leaf from a branch it can’t possibly hold on to any longer is so very Jane Austen. IMG_3279 Fisticuffs: Why, you were born under a threepenny halfpenny planet, never to be worth a groat! Put ’em up, see! IMG_3280 Traptoberfest: You are holding a trapeze (or pull up bar), not holding a stein.

In conclusion, place the bar firmly in your palm, grip it with your whole hand, wrap your thumb, and do your pull ups like a badass.IMG_3281


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