Introductory Mechanics Lab: Beginner Aerial Silks Technique


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Introductory Mechanics 1 is a 4-week training course designed to teach students the fundamental skills on which all other vertical apparatus work is built (including work on silks/tissu, hammock/sling, hoop/lyra, rope/corde, trapeze, and straps). Students will learn the most efficient, effective, and sustainable methods for grip, climbs, footlocks, and rollups in progressions that are designed to eliminate the development of habits that are detrimental to the learning of more advanced skills. Although Introductory Mechanics 1 is designed for the novice student, intermediate and advanced students will benefit as well, particularly if they have encountered an impasse in their training.

Students will receive weekly training regimens that are to be practiced in the gym, filmed, and submitted for instructor feedback and guidance. As is true for all courses, Charlie is available for questions at any time throughout the week, and gives individual feedback on all assignment submissions that are turned in before the following week’s assignment is posted. Charlie is an acrobat currently in the Cirque du Soleil and Marvel Universe Live casting databases, a well-respected 13 year industry veteran, and the author of Vertical Apparatus Drop Theory: Mechanics, the first comprehensive textbook in aerial arts.

Sessions begin on the first Monday of every month.

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