Drop Mechanics 1

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Drop Mechanics 1 is the first 4 week course in the Aerial Silks Drop Theory course series. In Drop Mechanics 1, students learn the technical requirements to perform drops cleanly and manipulate drop velocity as desired in two primary rotational planes. Students will also develop the skills to precisely describe the position of the body and its interaction with the apparatus, identify and categorize drops by rotational plane, and manipulate the center of mass of the body in three planes.

All Aerial Silks Drop Theory courses are 4 weeks long and begin on the first Monday of the month. Each week, a lecture video and a homework assignment is made available. Students are expected to watch the lecture and complete the homework before the following week’s lecture is released. Charlie is available for questions at any time throughout the week, and gives individual feedback on all homework assignments that are turned in by the due date.

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2 reviews for Drop Mechanics 1

  1. Sarah Suski (verified owner)

    As always, Charlie brings clear and thoughtful information on what the heck your body is doing as it flies through the air. This course provides a universal language to describe the positions, pathways, and engagement necessary to understand and safely execute drops and wraps on vertical apparatus. A must for people who want to understand fabrics on a deeper level.

  2. Olga Annenko (verified owner)

    This course was literally an eye-opener for me. I always wanted to learn how to be more in control of drops, but what I learned from Charlie definitely exceeded any of my expectations or hopes. Before it was more like “let go of the silks and let the body fall”. Now I can make conscious decisions about how to position my body to not only slow down a drop, but also initiate a drop when I choose to initiate it and end up in different positions I choose to end (and not be at the mercy of gravity and the wrap). And the best part – Charlie is excellent at explaining even the most complex things and concepts. I so recommend this course to anyone who wants to actually understand how drops work and make them follow your will instead of vice versa.

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